Hearthstone Holistic Massage and Wellness

Welcome to Hearthstone holistic massage and wellness

Welcome to Hearthstone holistic massage and wellnessWelcome to Hearthstone holistic massage and wellness

Massages that nourish body and soul are Hearthstone massages. I create custom massages built for you!

About Me

Julie Gray, LMT

" I cannot remember a time when I wasn't drawn to the art of natural healing. I remember giving massages when I was 3 years old. I spent years learning everything I could before finally attending massage school. Since then, I am happy to admit that my knowledge and passion for my work have only increased. I believe that every BODY is different and that every massage should be customized. I am trained in several massage modalities as well as other aspects of holistic health that I incorporate into a personalized session. This is what I was born to do and I love it."


I graduated from Healing Mountain Massage School in 2012. I attained my Reiki Master and Teacher Certification, as well as my Holistic Health Practitioner Certification in 2006 from Reiki Blessings Academy. I received a Bachelor's Degree in Spiritual Healing from The Yogananda Institute in 2013. In November of 2019, I became certified in the Emotion Code, as taught by Dr. Bradley Nelson. I have experience working in Spas and alongside Chiropractors. I also enjoy preparing lectures on Holistic Health and have spoken in several within my community. 


Massage and Bodywork Services


Custom Massage

Enjoy a custom massage of  60, 90 or 120 minutes. 

I can combine any of the following modalities to fit your individual needs:

Trigger Point Therapy, Swedish Massage, Craniosacral Therapy, Prenatal Massage or Sports Massage. Pressure is personalized to fit your individual needs.


(Deep Tissue Upgrade is +$10)


Upgrades: Add to your Massage Service

*Hot Stones (Basalt) - add $15 to price of  massage

*Warmed Himalayan Salt Stones-  add $15 to price

*Herbal Salve Massage - add $15 to price of massage

*Hot Towels - add $5 to price of massage

*10 Minutes Extra  - add $10 to price of massage

*Aromatherapy - add $5 to price of massage

* Dry Bushing - add $5 to price of massage

*Pink Jade Facial Massage - add $5 to price of massage

*Rosemary, Mint Scalp Massage - add $10 to price of massage

*Deep Tissue - add $10 to price of massage


A La Carte Services

*30 min. Crystal Chakra Balancing - $35

*30 min.  Craniosacral Therapy - $35

*30 min. Reiki Session - $35

*30 min. Mint Cream Reflexology with Hot Towels - $40

*45 min. Head, Neck and Shoulders "Tension" Massage - $50

*40 min. Hearthstone Energy Sampler - $50

(this  treatment includes a sample of crystal chakra balancing, craniosacral, Reiki and Reflexology, plus Hot Towels)

The Emotion Code


Now Offering Emotion Code Sessions!

The Emotion Code, as taught by Dr. Bradley Nelson, is a form of energetic healing that enables one to identify, isolate and eliminate a specific trapped emotion. It is believed that 90% of the physical ailments we experience are caused by the energetic blockage of trapped emotions. By clearing these trapped emotions, it allows our energy to move through our bodies freely, which initiates the healing process. This is also beneficial for many mental and emotional struggles. By removing the stumbling block of trapped emotions, we free our minds to make better decisions with clearer perception.

I've seen and experienced, first hand, some astonishing results and I can't wait to share this with the world!

Emotion Code Session: In Person

Come experience The Emotion Code in Person! This would be an in office visit with me. The session would last about 30-40 minutes. During the session we will discuss how the emotion code works and the various types of muscle testing that can be used to accomplish the identification of trapped emotions. Once we create a baseline muscle test for you, we  locate and identify trapped emotions, and then release them by running  a magnet down the governing meridian of the back. You can expect to release anywhere between 2 and 10 emotions. The number of released emotions depend on what your body is willing to release. I recommend a series of at least 4 sessions to feel the full effect of the process and begin to clear heart-wall emotions, if desired. 

Heart-walls are literally formed by trapped emotions creating a wall around the heart energy. It could take several sessions to clear a heart-wall, but the benefits of clearing a heart-wall are monumental!

Come hydrated for best results

$45 per session 

Emotion Code Session: Distant Healing through E-mail

Just as effective, but far more convenient when time or distance is a complication. I offer distant healing emotion code sessions. During these sessions, I create an energetic link that allows me to muscle test by proxy on your behalf. 

How it works: To schedule a distant healing emotion code session, email or text me directly. Include your full name, email address, and any information on issues you would like to address specifically. I will then respond to you with a date and the approximate time that I will complete your session. You do not have to do anything special during your session. However, I recommend being well hydrated, as water acts as a conduit for emotional energy. After your session, I will email you a detailed report of what was released.

Payment for this service will be made through Venmo prior to your session unless other arrangements are necessary.  Sessions will not be completed until payment is received.

Julie Gray

801-833-2651 (text for distant emotion code session)


Venmo: @Julie-Gray-125

$30 per session a la carte

$100 for a series of 4 sessions 

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90 min. Massage and Hot Towels

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Treat your loved one with a pre-paid 90 minute  custom massage and hot towel upgrade. Perfect for a last minute gift!

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Hearthstone Holistic Massage and Wellness

44 S. Main Street Suite B Tooele, Utah 84074, United States


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By Appointment

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As Per Tooele County Health Department


Covid19 Guidelines


· BOTH PROVIDER AND CLIENT REQUIRED TO WEAR MASKS: Please bring own mask and have it on upon entering building. 

· PLEASE DO NOT ARRIVE MORE THAN 5 MINUTES BEFORE YOUR APPOINTMENT TIME AND PLEASE BRING NO GUESTS; as we are trying to limit the amount of people inside the office at one time.

· PLEASE USE HAND SANITIZER UPON ARRIVAL; bring your own, if possible as it is difficult to stock.


· PLEASE PRE-PAY ONLINE OR USE VENMO WHEN POSSIBLE; cash is still accepted, also.

· PLEASE RESCHEDULE IF EXPERIENCING ANY ILLNESS SYMPTOMS; cough, runny nose, sore throat, fever, shortness of breath, digestive issues, etc.


****All Late Cancellation Fees will be waived for illness. However, NO CALL NO SHOW APPOINTMENTS will be charged full appointment price. 

(So, be sure to call or text)****